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Frequently Asked Questions
How far in advance do I have to book my trip?
The Gorilla Permits are the biggest issue - they sell out months in advance. Committing to your trip one year in advance is not always necessary, but it's not too early, either. The simplest answer - send us your dates, and we'll find out if we can get Permits for you.

Do you plan and book my entire trip?
We can plan as much of your trip as you wish: we can handle everything including international airline tickets, or if you wish to make your own reservations to and from Africa, we'll handle everything here. Just let us know what you need - we'll do our very best to accommodate you ...

How much are Tracking Permits? Are they refundable?
The Rwanda Government charges USD $1,500.00 for each person each day; Uganda charges USD $600.00US per person per day. Gorilla Permits are not refundable - we can try to resell your Permits if you need to cancel, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to do so.

How much does the whole trip cost?
That's very difficult to say - it depends on how many days you can sty with us, what you want to do while you're here, how many Permits you need, what other parks and towns you want to visit, what other countries you want to see. We can arrange a 3-day 2-night Gorilla Tracking Safari including transportation to and from Kigali and lodging near the park for as little as $400.00US per person plus the Permit ... or we can take you on a 2-week tour of Rwanda which will cost several thousand dollars per person. Let us know what you're interested in doing, and how long you have - we'll create a custom trip for you, life-long memories included ...

Does someone accompany us on your trips?
Yes - one of our multilingual licensed Guides will meet you when you clear Customs and Immigration at Entebbe, Uganda or Kigali, Rwanda, and will take you to the airport when you leave -- airport hugs and tissues to wipe away your tears at having to leave, those are included. Your Guide will be with you every step of the way, answering every question you can think of to ask, identifying every bird you see, explaining why the animals behave the way they do, introducing you to the men, women and children who live here ... remember - this is our home, and we will welcome you with open arms ...!

What about cash, and electricity, and clothes, and cameras, and ... and ... and ...?
We will send you all that information, long before you need it. We've been guiding visitors in East Africa for many years, so the answer to every one of your questions is probably in the material we'll send you as soon as your trip is booked.

How do we pay for our trip?
You can pay using Paypal - or, you can wire the money safely from your bank to ours. We strongly advise that you not send money by Money Order or any commercial money transfer company - use your credit card or your bank, they're both much safer.

We Accept Payments using Paypal

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